Project Leadership & Management: The Project Manager on NEC Contracts

Project Management on the NEC forms of Contract is significantly different to that of many other forms of contract and the Project Manager requires a multitude of skills and experience.

1. Generating a collaborative culture and engaging the team.
2. Understanding the contract and law, to assist with the avoidance of conflict and disputes.
3. Making assessments of compensation events – both the time and cost.
4. Assessment of the programme (understanding float, time risk allowances concurrency, logic links, Key Dates, programming software) and making decisions.
5. Record keeping.
6. Pricing the work.
7. Risk management.
8. Understanding the Works Information (NEC3) / Scope (NEC4).
9. Setting up the Contract Data.
10. Auditing the Contractor’s accounts and records on the Target Cost Contracts.
11. Responding to issues within the deadlines dictated by NEC.

The NEC is very prescriptive and therefore Management and Organisational skills are vital, together with a thorough working knowledge of the Contract mechanisms, however, at the heart of the NEC forms of Contract is the Programme.

ramskill martin has NEC Accredited Project Managers, and all its Project Managers are very experienced in the preparation and assessment and Management of Programmes in accordance with NEC. 

ramskill martin’s knowledge and experience on the NEC forms of Contract is fundamental to Clients properly experiencing the benefits of this form of procurement together with ensuring that it achieves its objectives and vision and avoids conflicts and disputes.