Options 4 Training

The construction industry continues to provide us all with a challenging and changing working environment. We also face the real life issues arising out of the scarcity of technical and professional resources. Options 4 Training provides solutions for developing personnel and project teams.

Option 1 – Structured Modular Training Option 2 – Targeting Technical Training
This type of training is often formalised by way of training seminars/lectures, assessment days, written assignments and an exam. This is often integrated into a client’s overall training and development programme. Certificates are presented at the end of the course. The subject matter included in this type of training scheme can include subjects from basic Construction Technology, through to Contract Formation and Adjudication Law, but it can be tailored to suit your company’s requirements. Many of our clients identify a need for training for their teams in a particular area. It may be the New JCT Forms of Contract, the latest NEC form or it may be an update of Adjudication Law and Procedures.Whatever the subject matter(s), a bespoke Seminar is prepared to suit and meet our client’s requirements.
Option 3 – Personalised Focused Training Option 4 – Specifically Tailored (case study based) Workshop Training
This type of training is sometimes referred to by clients as surgeries or clinics. The training normally takes place during one day and clients ordinarily have a selection of technical and/or contractual matters to be resolved and debated with a ramskill martin consultant. This type of training is very personal with no formalities. It would usually be carried out with one or two of our client’s representatives. A focused format for training aimed at specific areas, which are normally contractual/procedural but can also cover many other areas of importance in the construction industry. The training is often based on our client’s own experiences and problems. Alternatively, a case study is prepared which covers real life situations.

For more information please contact Clive Ramskill on the following email clive.ramskill@ramskillmartin.co.uk or visit our website at www.ramskillmartin.co.uk.