Extension of Time Claims, Delay Analysis and Progress Assessment – Programming and Scheduling Services


ramskill martin is able to provide a number of services utilising programming and scheduling computer software. We are able to provide a number of services relevant to all aspects of the construction process. These services may be used for promoting a negotiated settlement or in pursuit of a formal process.

Pre Tender Programming

At the very inception of any contract it is important for the client to know not only how much their project will cost but also when it will be completed. Using our experience in construction we can provide not only the cost impact of various options regarding construction techniques but also the time impact and assess the overall value of any decision.

Pre Contract Programming

Prior to contract award it is important that the Contractor/sub Contractor has prepared a programme of works and ideally this should identify the critical path so that the risk can be assessed and enable the Contractor/sub Contractor to allow for the risk in its price.

Progress Reporting/Progress Assessment

It is becoming far more common that the Contractor/sub Contractor is required by its contract to prepare a critical path programme and to prepare a report against this programme on a monthly basis. It is also true that even if not required by the contract it is often prudent to do so. ramskill martin has provided this service to a number of its clients and all have found it of great use. This service then enables the client to be aware of delays far earlier than was previously the case and ensures that extension of time claims are produced earlier and the success rate at an early stage of the delay becoming apparent is greater than retrospective extension of time claims.

This is not a confrontational approach and many contracting organisations find the submission of progress reports beneficial to the overall management of a project. If there are objections by the other party to the submission of progress report the reports can be prepared and used to your benefit in a claim for an extension of time if so required in the future.

Extension of Time Application

Once a project is in delay it is very important that the causes for the delay are established and culpability for the delay apportioned. If the programme has not been monitored during the progress of the contract and the critical path programme is not updated or even prepared it is often necessary to prepare an extension of time claim document after the event occurs.

ramskill martin is able to identify the programme of works critical path and schedule the whole programme including all resource and process links. Once prepared it is necessary to identify the events which caused or appeared to cause the delay. Then it is important to ascertain whether the event entitles the contracted party to claim for an extension of time. This allows the analyst to concentrate on events which will allow the claim for an extension of time. Once the events are identified the delay analysis begins. The impact of each event is assessed and this impact is then identified on the critical path programme.

Once this process is complete ramskill martin can assist or independently prepare the claim for extension of time document and will also assist in any discussion and negotiation that may follow the submission of the claim document.

Delay Analysis

This service is often associated with the claim for an extension of time. It is also common that whilst the overall project is completed within the contract period losses have occurred due to delays to certain programmed tasks. The techniques and analysis prepared is similar to that employed in claiming for extension of time.

The aim is to prepare a detailed and compelling claim that is robust enough to stand up to the scrutiny of the opposition.