Future Articles

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

This article will identify the key benefits of avoiding a formal dispute resolution process whilst highlighting potential pitfalls and their necessary solutions.

Pay Less Notices

This article will describe how the New Construction Act has dealt with Payment Notices including Pay Less Notices. We will emphasise the differences between the old Withholding Notices and the new Pay Less Notices. We will look at what in practice the impact of the Pay Less Notices is likely to be and what Contractors and subcontractors should watch out for. We will consider how contractors and subcontractors may be able to avoid expensive disputes in relation to Pay Less notices.

JCT 2011 – The new suite of contracts

This article will provide an overview of all the JCT 2011 contracts together with a more indepth review of the standard form JCT 2011.

NEC 3 – The NEC suite of contracts

This article will provide a brief commentary of the NEC 3 suite of contacts with a focussed review of NEC 3 option A and NEC 3 option C.

Adverse Weather Conditions and Winter Working

This article will review the contractual machanisms of the JCT and NEC standard forms of contract in respect to extensions of time arising from adverse weather conditions. We will also consider the latest views of the courts in respect to work being pushed into winter working.  The article for adverse weather conditions and winter working has been divided into three seperate publications.

The Quantity Surveyor Expert Witness

The article will discuss the challenges and the rewards for working as the EXPERT WITNESS. It will provide tips from our experience as to how you can make the task more cost effective and perhaps less stressful and more enjoyable.

The Quantity Surveyor Expert Advisor

The article will discuss how ramskill martin is able to assist both lawyers and clients in the early stages of a dispute resolution process.

Dispute Avoidance

This article will be focused on a number of case studies to illustrate that DISPUTE AVOIDANCE does still work.

The Construction Act – Post 1st October 2011

We intend to provide an article on how in practice THE NEW CONSTRUCTION ACT – THE LOCAL DEMOCRACY, ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT AND CONSTRUCTION ACT 2009 changes how we presently work.

Construction Dispute Resolution

An article will be prepared to set out, in ramskill martin’s experience, which process is providing effective CONSTRUCTION DISPUTE RESOLUTION.

Construction Adjudication

This article will set out some of the key Pro’s and Con’s in respect to the CONSTRUCTION ADJUDICATION process.


ramskill martin’s article will address some of the intricacies of rail construction activities and how they influence the success of dispute avoidance and dispute resolution on RAIL PROJECTS.