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The Cold War: NEC3 and Adverse Weather Conditions

Date Posted: 12 December 2016 Project Manager’s Assessment of Compensation Events 1. December 2010 was the coldest December in 100 years. ramskill martin issued its article “Delays Caused by Adverse…
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Project Manager’s Assessment of Compensation Events

Date posted: 14 July 2016 1. Clauses 64.1 and 64.2 of the NEC3 set out the circumstances in which the Project Manager (PM) may make his own assessment of Compensation…
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Date Posted: 30 June 2016 1. The assessment of the value or cost of change under NEC3 is fundamentally different from other standard forms of contract and requires considerable thought…
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Quotations for Compensation Events

1. As with the term “Compensation Event” (“CE”), the NEC does not set out a definition of what a quotation actually is (Rowlinson. 2011, p.180). From Clause 62.2 it can…
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Date posted: 14 April 2016 NOTIFICATION OF COMPENSATION EVENTS 1. NEC requires notification of any matter which increases the total of the prices, delays completion, delays the meeting of a…
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