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Can an Employer Refuse Access to a Contractor for it to Complete Defects?

Date posted: 4 July 2014 INTRODUCTION Employers and contractors sometimes have a strained relationship during a project. At practical completion the employer may be glad to see the back of…
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Difficulties with Concurrent Delays – Part 2

Date posted: 6 June 2014 PART 2 – EMPLOYER’S VIEW – CONCURRENT DELAY In my previous article on Concurrent Delay I considered what the current law was on this matter….
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Difficulties with Concurrent Delays – Part 1

Date posted: 9 May 2014 PART 1 – INTRODUCTION AND BACKGROUND TO CONCURRENT DELAYS The aim of this Article is to explain what is meant by concurrent delay and what…
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Problems with Acceleration Claims

Date posted: 18 September 2013 BACKGROUND TO ACCELERATION Perhaps one of the most difficult issues to resolve when a Construction Contract over runs or threatens to is, what do you…
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Extension of Time Claims – Best Practice

Date posted: 12 September 2013 ENSURE YOU NOTIFY DELAY STRICTLY IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE CONTRACT MECHANISM To successfully claim an Extension of Time there are a number of things we…
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