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Date posted: 12 February 2019 What is Risk Analysis and Risk Management? 1. Risk Analysis and Risk Management can be used as Strategic Management tools that, when adopted and applied…
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The Cold War: NEC and Adverse Weather Conditions

Date posted: 29 January 2019 Standard forms of contract apportion the risk of bad weather in very different ways. In GC Works contracts weather is not listed under the “Extensions…
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The Cold War: JCT and Adverse Weather Conditions

Date posted: 22 January 2019 This article will explain the steps in JCT Contracts (typically JCT DB 2016) and describes how an assessment under the JCT Contracts is much more…
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The Cold War: Winter Working

Date posted: 18 December 2018 WHAT IS WINTER WORKING? Winter working is often used to describe the effects when delays cause a project to be pushed from summer months into…
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Delay Analysis Making the Right Choice

Date posted: 3 December 2018 DELAY ANALYSIS – MAKING THE RIGHT CHOICE 1. If you are unfortunate enough to find yourself having to prepare a retrospective delay analysis you will…
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