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The Mediation Process and Roles of the Parties

Date posted: 12 September 2018 INTRODUCTION 1. To give a further understanding of mediation, this Article will cover the various stages of the process and the roles of the parties….
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What is Mediation?

Date posted: 10 August 2018 INTRODUCTION 1.  Disputes in construction are a common occurrence and people’s experience of litigation, arbitration and adjudication is that they are time-consuming and expensive. The…
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Changes to JCT Contracts

Date posted: 24 May 2018 Introduction 1.  The JCT 2016 Suite of Contracts was introduced a couple of years ago and is now becoming common place on projects. The 2016…
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Programmes: Progress Monitoring and Reporting

Date posted: 20 April 2018 GUIDANCE ON RECORD KEEPING 1. This article is intended to be read as a direct follow on to RM Article 47 – Programmes: Content and…
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NEC4 – So what do you need to know?

Date posted: 30 October 2017 Introduction 1. NEC4 was released on the 22 June 2017, with a complete new suite of contracts, which the NEC states is “evolution rather than…
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