It is vital for a pro-active and effective team to be kept abreast of the “hot-topics” within the construction Industry including legal updates, amendments to construction contracts, working practices and so on… to ensure you can offer an expert service to your clients and increase your commercial competitiveness within the market.

ramskill martin present bi-annual seminars in Derby and Wakefield that target the most current and relevant topics of the day. These seminars are FREE and so provide an effective, cost-efficient and enjoyable route to developing your team and keeping on top of that all important CPD.

Our seminars are not presented by Lecturers or Theorists – they are presented our Consultants using real, practical examples and anecdotes. The seminars include an open Q&A session and the Directors and Consultants are on hand to answer any queries you may have. Our seminars are increasingly popular and consistently receive excellent feedback.