Ten Years

Because we are different, Specialist Subcontractors, Main Contractors, Employers and Solicitors alike have benefitted from working with Ramskill Martin over the last decade to achieve Solutions That Make Business Sense. We have built our business by providing innovative and/or proactive solutions (to all types of companies ranging from sole traders to multi billion pound organisations) and not by following the “run of the mill” protocols. We are different to our competitors because we focus on finding Solutions (old or new) with benefits that are quicker and more cost effective and that suit our Client’s business.


Here are just a few:

  • A Risk Review is usually a detailed critical analysis of a dispute or difference in respect to any aspect of a construction contract. The concept of a Risk Review used in these circumstances was originally used by Legal Risk Insurance Brokers. The use of a Risk Review by Ramskill Martin may be:
  • The testing of the validity of a variation account.
  • The testing of the viability of a Compensation Event.
  • Reviewing the merits of a claim for an Extension of Time.
  • Testing the likely success of a Withholding Notice or a Pay Less Notice.
  • The review of a whole project, including the Final Account, Delay and Disruption issues, Loss and or Expense issues, claims for Damages and Design liability issues.
  • The Risk Review includes a cost benefit analysis (CBA). The CBA is an assessment of the likely cost and the likely recovery to our Client if it decides to proceed with its case.
  • Guaranteed maximum price; (GMP). In other words a capped fee.
  • Early assessment of the likely liability and entitlement prior to proceeding.
  • Early assessment of the likely cost prior to proceeding.
  • Reports presented orally, in a bullet point report or in a detailed report.
  • The Risk Review provides a solid foundation for taking our Clients case forward.
  • The Risk Review often includes a SWOT analysis and therefore provides the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to our Clients.
  • Where a Client proceeds with its case the Risk Review is a continual process on a regular basis, and therefore avoids nasty surprises at the end of the process.
  • With the aid of a Risk Review our Clients are able to make informed commercial decisions that make business sense.
  • Directors initially visit our Clients workplace to take the brief and agree a strategy. Ordinarily the visiting Director is the Consultant who will be working on our Clients case.
  • We will at all times endeavour to get the visiting Director to be the one with the requisite skills set in the first instance.
  • If the skills set required are different to those held by the visiting Director then another Director will be briefed and will take on the role as lead Consultant with that Client.
  • Where appropriate a less senior Consultant will carry out certain aspects of the work, but at all times the Director will be the lead Consultant.
  • The Director will manage and control fee expenditure on a daily or weekly basis whichever is most appropriate.
  • Our Client receives the highest level (Director) of service.
  • You do not get fobbed off with a “run of the mill” Consultant.
  • The most appropriate team is put together to maintain the most effective and cost efficient solution.
  • Guaranteed maximum Price (GMP), or capped fee budgets are set by the Director wherever possible.
  • The fee expenditure or budget control is maintained.
  • Ramskill Martin is able to provide the whole Consultancy Package under the one roof, including.
  • Chartered Quantity Surveyors.
  • Commercial Management.
  • Contractual advice.
  • Project Programming.
  • Delay Claims.
  • Loss and or Expense Claims.
  • The Expert Quantity Surveyor.
  • The Expert Delay Analyst.
  • Case Managers who assist Clients with strategy, focus and direction.
  • The team is able to deal with very small or very large projects.
  • Management of the Consultants and the process is simplified.
  • Communication is maximised.
  • Cost control of fee expenditure is maximised because it is all under control.
  • The disciplines work closely and effectively together because they know each other very well and they are used to it.
  • Our Clients or its Solicitors do not need to manage our team. We are self-sufficient.
  • Expertise in JCT 2011 forms of contract.
  • Expertise in NEC3 forms of contracts.
  • Expertise in the use of Microsoft Project.
  • Expertise in the use of Vista Power Project.
  • Expertise in the use of Prima Vera P6.
  • Expertise and licensed to use Team viewer; (Collaborative software) which is an all in one solution for remote access and support over the internet.
  • Our Consultants are up to date with all of the standard forms of contract.
  • Our Programmers and Delay Analysts use the most up to date software and techniques.
  • Many contracts dictate the software to be used for preparing programmes and our Consultants have the expertise.
  • We use Collaborative software to Communicate with our Clients anywhere in the world and with up to fifteen computer terminals from one connection.
  • Ramskill Martin uses Collaborative software to communicate with its Clients anywhere in the world and with up to fifteen computer terminals from one connection at any one time.
  • Immediate on line friendly advice and assistance.
  • Immediate amendments or adjustments to Programmes.
  • Instant advice when preparing Compensation Events.
  • Instant advice when impacting Delays into Programmes.
  • Instant advice when preparing Delay Notices.
  • Immediate advice when preparing Progress Reports.
  • No more travel costs.
  • No more unproductive travel time.
  • No delays due to traffic.
  • No more mountains of paperwork at the end of a project.
  • No more printing costs.
  • Help you do your bit for the environment at the same time.

If you would like any further information on any of the above or any other Commercial or Contractual matters, please contact Clive Ramskill on 07753 837148 or call either our Sheffield office (0114 2301329) or our Belper office (01773 599299).