Commercial Management


Commercial Management is an innovative service which addresses traditional techniques, disciplines and processes for managing the risks associated with the financial and contractual aspects of a construction contract. The service is designed so that our commercial managers support our Client’s existing team. It is not ordinarily intended that our commercial manager will reinvent the wheel or attempt to change what is already in place.

Commercial Management can include but is not limited to the following disciplines.

In instances where the project has been deteriorating for some time, turnaround may not be possible, for example, where the contract includes particular contractual provisions, such as condition precedents, or where financially monies have already been expended. In these situations, Clients often agree for us to work with them on the basis of ‘damage limitation’.

Functional Purpose

The functional purpose of commercial management is to provide the following:

Commercial Management in Practice

In particular, the benefits to be achieved from ramskill martin’s commercial management services will depend on the requirements of each particular project and the project team and on how efficiently the whole team integrate with the commercial manager.

Ordinarily the commitment required from a commercial manager will be based on a part-time involvement, which may be several days per week, one day per week, per two weeks or even per month. The amount of investment by our Client depends on the project, the risks involved and the complexity of the issues.

The degree of commitment and involvement by the commercial manager is reviewed on a regular basis so that it may be increased or decreased to suit our Client and its project’s requirements.

It may also be that on a particular week or over a period of time, the commercial management would be better carried out by a different commercial manager on the basis that he/she has a specialisation in a particular field, such as delay analysis or contractual and legal risk analysis.