Commercially Focussed Delay Analysis

1. The following is a key point description of a Commercially Focussed Delay Analysis [“CFDA”] together with a summary of its benefits.

2. CFDA is a pragmatic approach to assessing delays with the aim of avoiding the requirement for a detailed, comprehensive and expensive Delay Analysis. Its objective is to establish the entitlement and liability for a particular delay event or period/window without the extensive resource and cost expenditure of a traditional Delay Analysis.

What is a Commercially Focussed Delay Analysis?

3. A specific and highly focussed review and analysis of an identified delay event or period/ window is referred to as “the Focussed Scope”.

4. The review and analysis (Report) does not consider progress, delays or issues that occurred prior to or after the Focussed Scope.

5. The Report includes a bullet point Risk Register of key issues that were identified whilst preparing the Report.

6. The Report also includes a bullet point list of caveats arising out of this CFDA approach.

What is the purpose of a Commercially Focussed Delay Analysis?

7. The CFDA approach provides a targeted, relevant and easily understood report which:

7.1. Quickly provides a high level assessment of liability and entitlement in respect to delays and time.

7.2. Identifies the risks and potential leverage vital in a successful negotiation and reduces the likelihood of an escalation to a formal and protracted dispute resolution procedure.

How is the Commercially Focussed Delay Analysis delivered?

8. Following the initial submission of the report many of our Clients require the CFDA to be presented to key individuals in a meeting.

9. The CFDA report is often no more than 10 to 12 pages long, with selective and focussed Appendices, normally including a Risk Register and a summary programme illustrating the conclusion of the CFDA.

What are the possible benefits of adopting a Commercially Focussed Delay Analysis?

10. Cost effective approach to an otherwise expensive solution.

11. Information is provided in a precise and clear manner which can be easily interpreted.

12. Causes minimal disruption to our Clients’ project teams and resources.

13. The quick turnaround of the Reports minimises the likelihood of differences escalating.

14. Avoids the need for a Full Delay Analysis.

15. Quickly provides a high level assessment of liability and entitlement with regard to the focussed scope.

16. Avoiding formal disputes.