Defending an Adjudication Referral on behalf of a Main Contractor

Type of Project – Refurbishment and Extension

The project consisted of the refurbishment and extension of existing office premises in a city centre. The contract sum was £4.5m and the contract terms and conditions was a standard JCT form of contract.

Description of Issues

The main contractor (ramskill martin’s client) received a notice of adjudication and referral from its suspended ceiling specialist subcontractor in respect of delays and variations in the sum of £160k.

Entitlements or Liabilities

ramskill martin defended its client’s position in respect of time and money, both of which were argued to be nil.

Assistance to the Main Contractor

ramskill martin provided the main contractor with commercial, contractual and delay analysis services throughout the adjudication process. The adjudicator’s decision provided that the Referring Party’s claim for an extension of time was nil and its claim for additional sums was valued at nil.