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THE NEW CONSTRUCTION ACT – What you need to know

When does it come into force? The new Act will come into force on the 1 October 2011 (1 November 2011 in Scotland). Changes to The Housing Grants Construction &…
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Concurrent Delay Revisited – Adyard Abu Dhabi v SD Marine Services

In 2010 we saw the landmark decision in City Inn v Shepherd which was much commented upon, mainly because the judges apportioned delays for extensions of time. It was suggested…
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Time and Money Claims – The Problem of Concurrency

This article reviews the case law relating to time related concurrency in construction. The case law has seen a number of fundamental shifts in the last decade or so and…
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Presenting Time Claims in Adjudication – It’s Jackanory

I’ll tell you a story About Jack a Nory; And now my story’s begun; I’ll tell you another Of Jack and his brother, And now my story is done. Presenting…
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Contract Formation and Interpretation

Another Brick in the Wall Sometimes we tend to think that construction law is somehow ring fenced from the general law. This is, of course, not the case and most…
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